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What does Carta Poder Mean?

Carta Poder is a Spanish word that means Power of Attorney in English. Using this document, a person can give someone else the right to do things for them that they can't do on their own. This could be a person, a company, or a government agency, and have a lot of power to make decisions about the person's financial affairs, real estate, commercial affairs, or medical care. Usually, the lawyer has greater expertise with legal jargon than the citizen, thus preferred as attorney-in-fact.

Carta Poder is signed by the “OTORGANTE”, who is a power grantor, in front of two “TESTIGO”, who are the witnesses. The person who is granted control over the affairs is the “AGENTE”, which means an agent/attorney-in-fact. Depending on what the carta poder is for, it can be “simple”, “unregistered”, or “by public deed” having validity time of 3 months, 1 year, and unless stipulated by the grantor, respectively.

Important Information That Is Needed to Fill Out the Carta Poder Form.

These details are necessary before filling out a Carta Poder form

  • The document date
  • Details of the principal
  • Details about the agent
  • Details of power to be transferred to the agent
  • Signatures of the principal and the agent along with witnesses
  • Date of expiry (if non-durable)

Carta Poder Form Instructions

Along with some other examples of Carta Poder out there, you may follow these instructions to fill this one specific sample form.

Step 1: Put down the complete date on which the carta poder document is signed.

Put down the signing date of Carta Poder

Step 2: Provide the full name of the principal who wants to give carta poder.

Provide the full name on Carta Poder

Step 3: Write down the type of Carta Poder either to be temporary or permanent based on your desired objective.

Write down the type of Carta Poder

Step 4: Note down the complete details including the full name of the agent who wants to accept the carta poder.

Note down the full name of the agent on Carta Poder

Step 5: Specify the designation of the agent you want to represent on your behalf.

Specify the agent designation on Carta Poder

Step 6: list down the complete details of the power you want to transfer to the designated person. Try to give much thought in order to avoid any future misunderstanding.

List the powers to transfer on Carta Poder

Step 7: The form must be signed by the person who is accepting the carta poder.

Acceptor signs on Carta Poder

Step 8: Add your signature as a grantor of the attorney.

Grantor signs on Carta Poder

Step 9: Put the signatures of any two persons who witnessed the delegation of carta poder to the attorney-in-fact.

Witnesses sign on Carta Poder

Who Has to Fill or Sign Carta Poder Form?

You can use the carta poder form in a different situation. Here are a few common uses of the carta poder form.

  • When old persons are unable to make these kinds of decisions for themselves, they may appoint an adult child or a close family member to make these decisions on their behalf.
  • A business owner can delegate a variety of responsibilities to a number of carta poder, each of whom will be responsible for a certain aspect of the company's operations.
  • People who are going to be away from home for a lengthy period of time can set up a carta poder to delegate their administrative responsibilities to another person.
  • A carta poder can be used by military personnel when they are stationed abroad to handle their paperwork and personal affairs.
  • After receiving a serious sickness diagnosis, one must seek medical attention by a given carta poder to someone.
  • Someone has children who would require care if they are unable to care for them, carta poder form works for them.

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